At Catura’s Martial Arts we work hard to instill in our children’s programs the same type of values you stress at home.  Things like:

  • Honesty
  • Self-discipline
  • Self-control
  • Respect

Starting ages four and up, our specially structured programs will improve your child’s performance throughout life.  It gives them the focus, so many need in today’s hectic society.  A foundation for students as they learn martial arts are our student creeds as guiding principles throughout our training.

  1. I will develop self-discipline in myself.
  2. I shall always be positive in thought and action.
  3. I shall work to build a more peaceful world.
  4. I shall set an example of good discipline and self-control. I will succeed sir/mam.

The ability to defend oneself in important, but there are far more important benefits to be had from involving your child in a program at our martial arts center.

While participating in a good exercise program, children learn respect, courtesy, and self-control.  Students build confidence and self-esteem as they progress through the program and these characteristics help improve attitudes and grades.

The curriculum at our martial arts center teaches students to think instead of panic in threatening or potentially dangerous situations and act with effective self-defense techniques.

Our specially designed programs build coordination.  We work to develop balance, agility, poise, and dexterity.  These points are often neglected in most team sports.

Each student progresses individually and everybody in involved.  There are no “bench warmers” at our martial arts center.  This allows everybody to reach their own potential, at their own pace.

You’ll find lessons at Catura’s Martial Arts are fun, dynamic and challenging for all types of individuals.