Black Belt Club

The Black Belt Club opens up a whole new world for a child’s growth as a martial artist.  Students in the Black Belt Club accelerate their learning and strengthens their personal development in training at this level.

Students that show strong a commitment to excellence, a desire to achieve, and an attitude do their very best in each aspect of their life are invited to join the Black Belt Club after completing their initial training as a beginner and are recommended by an instructor at Catura’s Martial Arts Center.  To earn a Black Belt, requires a strong commitment by the student.

As a member of the Black Belt Club a student will receive instruction on advanced techniques and skills reserved for this program.  Success in this program revolves around a student’s attitude, commitment, achievement, attendance, and desire.

Black Belt Attitude

The Black Belt attitude is an “I CAN” attitude.  They expect to be successful in everything they do.

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a BIG difference”
                                                             Henry Ford

A Black Belt always looks for the positive side of every situation.  A Black Belt is a positive role model for other students and people through his/her words and actions.  They are proud of their choices, actions, and accomplishments.

Black Belt Commitment

Black Belts understand the importance and power of commitment.  Without it they will achieve nothing.  Black Belt commitment is one of the most powerful tools you can have to guarantee success and happiness in the martial arts and in life.

“Effort and commitment will conquer all obstacles.”
                                                                  Harry S. Truman

Desire, a positive attitude, and commitment are the foundation stones to earning your Black Belt and to being successful in life.

Black Belt Achievement

To become a Black Belt, a student must be physically prepared, mentally alert and morally committed to achieve success in today’s complex environment.  A student is required to demonstrate enough physical proficiency in the martial arts to give the student confidence to respond to physical threats or surprises with integrity.  Before a Black Belt is awarded, the student must show perseverance in study, dependable mental habits, and must consistently demonstrate an indomitable spirit in their daily lives.

Black Belt Attendance

Good attendance shows discipline.  The discipline necessary to follow through and stick with your goals.  This is critical as the road to Black Belt is marked with small, incremental improvements that, when achieved consistently, gain enormous momentum leading to fantastic mental and physical breakthroughs.  We realize that we cannot change any one technique or improve any one area of our lives 100% overnight.  Instead we seek to improve 100 areas – 1% a week.  This law of incremental learning is accomplished only with consistent class attendance.  By consistent class attendance you demonstrate your strong commitment to the program.  To earn your Black Belt you will need to persevere during the challenging times.  This will demonstrate your Black Belt desire, attitude, and commitment.

Black Belt Desire

Everything in life starts with desire.  You must first decide what you want and then set your sights on reaching that goal no matter the obstacles.

Nothing in life happens unless first you dream.”
                                                             Carl Sandburg

A Black Belt knows what they want and they are willing to do whatever it takes to reach their goals.  If you know in your heart that you will want to be a Black Belt and you focus your efforts and energies in that direction, you WILL reach your goal.  You will earn your Black Belt!